Brazilian Corporate Law


The Corporate Law area of ​​Perin & Dallazem handles all interactions of partners or shareholders with the company, whether business or contentious and takes care of the documentary part of the company related to its constitution, articles of association and bylaws, minutes and meetings. It also takes care of the relations among the partners in order to preserve their rights and to prevent their liabilities.

Because it is a broad area, corporate law also encompasses company relations in the event of spin-offs, mergers, and acquisitions, where replacements, overlaps, or admissions to board positions, boards of directors, or equity interests are directly affected and should be planned with due care.

Another issue associated with corporate law is succession planning, which includes estate planning related to equity interests. Our succession planning program deals with the initial analysis of the relationships of family business partners or shareholders, the identification of conflicts and power centers, the assessment of the skills and proficiencies of the beneficiaries (in association with other professionals), until the conclusion of the succession agreement where the rules and the form of it will be established.

Equity planning may also require the drafting of wills, drafting contracts and other private documents to complement the project.


We also deal with the legal organization of boards of directors, devising of minutes of meetings and participation in shareholders’ or partners’ meetings in support of the company or on behalf of them.

We take care of legal issues related to the registration of business documents before the agencies and interpretation of the rules of the National Department of Business Registration and Integration (DREI).

Although we try to avoid the filing of lawsuits as much as possible, since we focus on mediation among the parties, we also have expertise in meeting and conducting legal proceedings for the total or partial dissolution of companies when corporate coexistence becomes impracticable or threatens the company itself.

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