Direito de Privacidade e Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados


If you are part of a company that collects, uses, stores, processes, or forwards personal data (employees, suppliers, customers, etc.), it is essential to know the Brazilian GDPA.
With the growth of digital business on the Internet and the rise of automated processes, where personal information is part of corporate databases, more and more, we glimpse reports of privacy violations with the misuse of personal data without the knowledge or authorization of their owners.

The Brazilian GDPA is expected to change users’ behavior to demand respect for privacy and to take action by companies that hold this personal data concerning this new reality. When the Brazilian GDPA comes into force, many practices will have to be abolished, or at least explicitly informed to its users. For instance, in case of abuse and violation of the law, fines could reach up to $ 50 million. Similarly, the Act requires data holders to take steps to have appropriate internal policies and technology structures for storing information.

Our purpose is to assist our clients in implementing appropriate measures for the processing of personal data of third parties in order to comply with the legal requirements.

Such measures are based on a thorough analysis of the database and its flow within the enterprise that result in reports that point out inconsistencies in the handling or storage of data throughout its lifecycle from collection to disposal. Among the measures adopted are the analysis of potential risks in data processing, the modification of contracts with employees, suppliers and clients to minimize responsibilities, the creation of consistent and lawful data processing policies, the training of employees, the advising of IT department to improve systems, to analyze advertising campaigns using third party data, to analyze software or hardware design following the principles of privacy by default and privacy by design, and to create privacy policies for access to proprietary programs, websites or mobile applications.

We also have a specialized department for filing or representing judicial and administrative proceedings involving cases related to the application of the Brazilian GDPA and its interactions with other related laws.