How does our family office work?

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Our family office model is not a copy of the American fashion.

In the United States, family offices are generally wealth management, accounting, legal and investment offices that provide services to high-income families. They are divided into single family offices – structured to provide services to a single family or family group – and multi-family offices – dedicated to more than one family or family group.

Not only in Brazil but also around the world, countless businesses are run by the families who generally have started them. Often, the concept of “family office” takes families away from hiring a specialized service because of their connection to a high cost that they could not afford. This is a consequence of the spread of the American model, which is, indeed, costly given the economic and compliance characteristics of that country. However, this is not necessarily true in other countries.

That is why we built a “multi-family office” model adapted to the reality of Brazil. This adaptation allows a greater number of families to have access to specialized legal advice, which, although not dedicated to providing financial and accounting services directly, dialogues with these areas on their behalf to help improving the proper course of business, investments, and property.

In this perspective, the training of the second generation is extremely important. Our governance project is designed to heirs willing to enter the business and also to those who decide to pursue their careers as liberal or entrepreneurial professionals. Each heir has its role to play in the family, in the company, and in the business. Our goal is to coach them in the best possible way for thriving in each of these roles.

The main ingredient of a professional relationship between the members of a family and the professionals who advise them is “trust.” To the extent that our family office model is dedicated to the planning oriented to the preservation of the business and mitigation of risks associated with corporate and tax strategies for the individuals and legal entities of the family group, we have adopted the “boutique” concept for the attainment of these goals, a concept that includes trust and the attributes that flow from it, i.e., confidentiality, quality and discretion.

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